Child Support Lawyer near Temecula, CA

Divorce may be one of the most difficult events that you and your family ever face. Navigating child support, in addition to the emotional burden of divorce, can be a stressful and taxing experience.

To reduce this stress, you need an experienced and empathetic custody support lawyer who can take care of your needs while advocating for you in the courtroom. 


Why Hire a Custody Support Attorney?

You may have already considered representing yourself in family court. While this choice may save money, it comes with steep disadvantages. Most people who represent themselves in court do not know court rules or family law, which can hurt their cases. Without years of training and experience, many people may be too emotional to represent themselves effectively.

To avoid the emotional and legal complications that may come from representing yourself in court, choose a custody support attorney who can best represent you. A custody support attorney can help win your case and give you peace of mind in the courtroom when you face family legal matters.

Why Choose Catherine A. Vincent, Attorney at Law?

We have over 40 years of experience working in California. Our background of working in litigation, combined with our specialty in family law, makes us qualified candidates to represent you in court. We will do what is necessary to fight for you and your family, no matter the circumstances.