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If you are wanting to take over all parental duties of a minor child in the place of the child’s parents, you must file a guardianship action.
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If you and your spouse are considering divorce for any reason, you need the help of a professional divorce lawyer to help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Learn more....

Domestic Violence

There are two types of Restraining Orders. Domestic Violence Prevention Restraining Orders and Civil Harassment Prevention Restraining Orders. Learn more....

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Divorce and child custody can be overwhelming. With our experienced and empathetic custody support lawyer, we'll handle your legal needs and advocate for you in court, reducing your stress.

Consider a Legal Separation if you want to separate without divorce. Reasons include religious or moral beliefs, allowing your spouse to decide, or maintaining health insurance dependency. Note: Legal separation can convert to dissolution.

Spousal support encompasses temporary and permanent types. Temporary support is calculated similarly to child support, while permanent support requires court evaluation and findings based on Family Code §4320.


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Lost at trial? Questioning justice? Consider appeal within 60 days. Appeals are complex but can overturn judgments.


Annulling a marriage means proving fraud or substantial misrepresentation that affected your consent to marry.

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Can’t even begin to express the gratitude I have for both Catherine and Daniel. What a journey it has been! They have fought hard for our case, been extremely knowledgeable, professional, helpful and they are both absolutely amazing in the court room! They handle themselves so well and are very respected by the judges. We have a very complicated case and they amaze me everyday with their ideas and knowledge on moving forward. Couldn’t recommend them enough. They are the best lawyers around and have the best team behind them. Their paralegal Isabel is amazing as well! Thank you guys!
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